design and marketing

Whether you're launching a new brand and need a logo and a website, or you need a full marketing campaign to promote your product. From invitations and events to website design and online or print advertising campaigns, no job is too big or too small.



Everything starts with an idea. A creative idea that makes your message, brand and marketing stand out. An original creative concept is the foundation of successful communication and all work at Open.


At Open everyone is included as everyone can have great ideas. We believe 2 heads are better than 1 so lets put ours together.

artwork and


A picture speaks a thousand words. When it comes to imagination, there are no limits to what one can visualise. And sometimes a photograph just cannot  go beyond reality to capture the magic.


That's when illustration is the answer to visualise the creative idea. Peruse the illustration portfolio for a variety of styles from cartooning, icons and infographics, to more realistic drawings and paintings.